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August 19th, 2009

We ask all of our users to follow these basic guidelines to keep this a healthy, fun and productive web community.

One account per person
Your account name is your identity in this web community. If you create more than one account, it will cause confusion for other users and will negatively impact their experience. If you wish to change your account name, please contact an administrator for assistance.

Do not share your account
When you let someone else use your account, you are essentially letting them be you. Your reputation can be negatively impacted if someone acts irresponsibly or maliciously while logged in as you. Furthermore, if this person changes your password, you could lose access to your account.

Basic posting etiquette applies
We do not tolerate flooding, spamming, advertising, thread crapping, trolling, flaming, hit-and-run posting, bumping, posting while intoxicated, etc. Common sense applies here. If you are unsure if something is acceptable, chances are it isn’t.

Reporting unacceptable activities and behavior
All reports of suspicious/illegal activities, harassment, threats, abuses or exploits need to be made to a site administrator privately. We will protect your identity unless we are under legal obligation, so please do not wait until things get even further out of hand. We ask that you do not bring these types of complaints to the forum or in other public sections of the site, as this will help prevent flame wars and/or retaliation. Your report could prevent a whole host of possible problems or dangerous situations.

Be polite to everyone
This is the foundation for all of the other policies. A web community is only as friendly as each individual makes it. If someone tries to provoke you, don’t respond with harsh language and childish name-calling. Flame wars need fuel to burn and this is likely the response the person is looking for.

Failure to comply with these terms will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Punishments range from a simple warning to account deletion depending on the severity of the violation. In extreme cases that involve criminal activity, we reserve the right to report it to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

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