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July 27th, 2009


ANBU Castle Extermination (ACE) is an on-going event where inactive castles are randomly ‘exterminated’, to prevent other guilds from obtaining them with ease. A castle is considered as inactive when there is no active player inside the castle. To check whether there is any sign of life, ANBU will make announcements within the castle and see if at least one active player would respond within a 3-minute time frame.

Goal: Make sure ANBU doesn’t ‘exterminate’ the castle you wish to protect by having at least one active human player inside the castle throughout WoE.

Length: Up to 2 hours.

Occurrence: Every weekend WoEs.

Minimum Requirements: Your guild must own a castle.

Rewards: To prevent from being discovered, ANBU will leave some treasures as a disguise prior to their escape.


  • At least one active player in the castle must respond to the ANBU announcement within the 3-minutes time frame. A sample timeline is provided here for reference:
    • 0:00 – ANBU makes the first announcement in the selected castle.
    • 0:50 – ANBU makes the second announcement with first warning given.
    • 1:40 – ANBU makes the third announcement with second warning given.
    • 2:30 – ANBU makes the final announcement with third and final warning given.
    • 3:00 – ANBU exterminates the castle if there is no response.
    • * ANBU will not make any subsequent announcement if a response has been received.
  • If you are trying to take over the castle, you must respond to the announcement as well, to prevent that castle being ‘exterminated’ first.
  • Castles that have been taken over (by any guild) during WoE will not be subjected to ‘extermination’ for the rest of that WoE.
  • Up to 2 castles will be checked and ‘exterminated’ during WoE.
  • Castles are picked randomly, not picked based on whether there are defending players or not.

Creator(s)/Origin: Windy

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