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July 25th, 2009

Bombs Away Now!

Bombs Away Now! (BAN!) is a test of reflex and thinking skills. You need to be able to plan your attacks ahead while avoid getting blown up by the detonating Bomb Porings.

Goal: Be the last surviving person.

Length: Approximately 1 hour.

Occurrence: Once in a long while. Announced or unannounced. Click here to check.

Minimum Requirements: None

Recommended Requirements:

  • Ability to hit multiple targets at once and/or hit a target at a distance.


  • Winners will receive prizes that exceeds the time value they spent in the event.
  • All non-winner participants will also receive prizes.


  • These skills are prohibited before or during the event: Kaizel, Play Dead, Resurrection.
  • You cannot deliberately spam skills for the purpose of lagging someone out.
  • You cannot initiate a trade during the event.

Creator(s)/Origin: Rairen

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