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July 26th, 2009

Lure A Poring

Lure A Poring (LAP) is a very fun mini-game that everyone can participate and enjoy. Participants are given 3 lures each at the beginning of their turn (one participant at a time) to “lure a poring” from the starting line to the end.

Goal: Lure the poring from starting line to finish line using the 3 lures given in shortest time possible without breaking any rules.

Length: Depending on number of participants and length of the course. It normally takes about 6-8 minutes per participant.

Occurrence: Once in a long while. Announced in advance. Click here to check.

Minimum Requirements: None

Recommended Requirements: None


  • Winners will receive prizes that exceeds the time value they spent in the event.
  • All non-winner participants will also receive prizes.


  • Participants may not hit or use any skills during the event.
  • Participants may use only the 3 lures given. It is an automatic lose if all the lures have been swallowed by the poring or if another item is used instead.
  • Observers who disrupt the event will be sent to jail automatically and disqualified for any potential rewards.

Creator(s)/Origin: Windy

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