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August 19th, 2009
Created: 4/8/09
Last Updated: 4/9/09 by Dorrin231

  1. General Requirements
    1. Read and follow the Acceptable Use Policy.
    2. (optional but highly recommended) Stay in the IRC channel (#grinder @ If the server is down, this is the first place you’ll find information. It is also a good place to go if you need help, as there’s usually someone around.
    3. We advise against sharing accounts. Sharing accounts may seem like an easy way to transfer items over if the other person isn’t around, but it can lead to a whole host of problems. Remember, as owner of the account you are fully responsible for all actions made by your characters. If your friend logs in and causes problems, you will also be punished. The GM staff will not replace any items stolen as a result of sharing your account.
    4. If you need assistance, check Getting Started and FAQ first.
  2. Reading Requirements (Don’t worry, it’s really NOT that much!)
    1. You must check the Grinder front page news OFTEN. We may occasionally have news or polls that will affect you and/or your characters. This is now also available in the new Grinder RO 7 Updater!
    2. You must check the Penalty Box at least twice a week. It contains latest complaints which can affect this community so everyone should respond in a timely manner.
    3. You must read the green MOTD text that shows up in your chat window when you are in game. It contains some temporary news that only affects a group of players such as announcement for event winners to receive prizes or recently discovered bugs that users need to be aware of (before it’s fixed shortly). These news are not long term and are not posted because they are usually gone in a day or two and not as important as other news sections.
    4. (optional but highly recommended) Check the IRC channel topic and the forums before playing or asking for help. We thought this was common sense, but there has been a lot of people asking blindly and it gets on people’s nerves.
  3. In-Game Manners
    1. Basic iRO rules apply. This means that botting, scamming, cheating, bug abusing, spamming, flooding , …etc, are strictly prohibited.
    2. GMs always have the rights to petrify/freeze/mutate/silence (mute)/jail/kill/ban you on/off the server for violating any rules.
    3. This is your community, treat the server as if it was yours. This means that if you have some great ideas to improve the server, such as events, ..etc, don’t forget to post it on forum or talk to a GM about it.
    4. Please respect everyone, especially GMs! Treat others like how you want to be treated. However, GMs may pick on you if you did something bad that affects other users.
    5. Do not flood GMs with requests/questions. They’re in game to play like you or to resolve someone else’s problem. They are not always on to solve YOUR problems. Please note that all of the GMs have volunteered to waste their time to give you more entertainment (i.e. they are not getting paid). Post your questions/problems on this forum or web site or IRC (see above on which method is best for which scenario).
    6. Do not use any multiple target offensive skills on any non-aggressive monsters in the home town. Occasionally a GM will summon a large amount non-aggressive monsters to help low level players get a little extra experience. They are not there to be slaughtered by area of effect skills. The monsters are there for everyone, not just for you to show off your fancy skills.

That is all the rules for now. If you follow these guidelines, it’s very hard for a GM to ban you! They are just trying to help you have more fun and not trying to be mean to you (if they are, chances are you haven’t even read these rules). Just don’t forget that new rules are always added periodically. However, you can always stay updated since there will always be a posting in the front page when an update to the rules have been made.

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